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Labella Lodge offers a range of creative outdoor activities for guests. While you enjoys bird watching by day, in the evening, hill climbing for a breathtaking view of the active Nyiragongo Volcano across the nearby border in Congo are an adventure not to miss. At night, you may sit by the fire at the lakeside tranquil, green garden as you enjoy the night before retiring in our comfortable rooms.

The clear waters of Lake Kivu right next to our beautiful gardens offer wonderful swimming experience. We also offer tent (camping) accommodation which greatly enhances your experience at Labella. These are just some of the outdoor adventures you enjoy at Labella. We continuously come up with new ideas to make your stay at La Bella more than just a stay but an adventure to cherish.

As part of our accomodation and adventure option, we offer camping as alternative accommodation to the regular room accommodation. It also serves as a great adventure as you truly experience African outdoors by night right by the lake in our beautiful camping grounds. Our camping package is steadily growing in popularity especially among guests who come as a group.

At very affordable rates of just USD 25 per guest per night, all you need is a tent for the experience of a lifetime.